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"They say there is no such thing as a perfect moment but when we stepped into the Sistine Chapel, deserted, standing empty just for us, it wasn't just a perfect moment but a mind-blowing, perfect hour. What more can I say other than, thank you with all my heart for a truly life-changing trip."

LF Gap Year Course 2007


A Level Art History this Summer

For all of you taking History of Art 'A' Level in 2013 we have put together a short but intensive revision course which allows you to study 16th and 17th century Rome in situ. The 16th century course will focus on Michelangelo, Raphael and Bramante.  The 17th century course on the Baroque with emphasis on Caravaggio and Bernini. There will be 24 hours of onsite study, equivalent to 6 weeks class teaching time at school.  Brilliant tuition from young, unstuffy tutors and the sheer beauty of this ancient city will immeasurably enhance your understanding of the historical context of your 'A' level.

£750 for accommodation in a 3* hotel and all tuition and museum entry.

( Last Updated: 02-10-2012 )


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