"I was not expecting to be with the eclectic mixture of individuals that shared this experience with me. I know I have made some friends for life. There is a magic in AHA tours that you never recapture. I have been inspired, encouraged and excited."

RH - Summer

About us

Art History Abroad was founded in 1983, and thus we are celebrating our 33rd birthday this year! Over the years we have expanded to run not only Gap Year courses, but Summer Courses, trips for families and envious parents of our students, adult tailor made tours, school visits and London walks. Our passion for Italy has spread far and wide and we now take over 300 people per year abroad. Our aim is to enlighten people to the world of art, we teach on site and open doors to many hidden treasures in Italy. We have an increasing number of clientele from around the globe and we are expanding every year with fantastic new ideas. We do hope you will join us.

Nick Ross A note from the Director:

AHA’s courses are essentially about the wonders of Italian art. However, tutors inevitably draw connections between art, philosophy, music, literature or history, so, effectively, we teach Civilization. This is the unexpected value of AHA. It is only possible because tutorials are on site, in small groups where discussion is encouraged. Hence, we have no conventional lectures, preferring instead to put the student first. We choose tutors who are academically acute, but who wear their laurels lightly and who view students’ minds as fires to be kindled. By approach and delivery, AHA is a unique educational phenomenon. We have magnificent courses that have enriched the lives of thousands over thirty years.

There is a hole in education today. Whether at school or university, academic disciplines are taught exclusively to produce specialists rather than cultivated minds. However, we revel in the observation of our students who ‘click’; who realise the fascinating connections between subjects and for whom education is no longer a chore but an interest. It is wonderful to see students return from Italy enthusiastic, informed and conversational. At best a gap year should be filled with experiences which broaden horizons, physically, socially and intellectually – an AHA course is unusual because it offers all three and equally has a lifelong resonance.

Nicholas Ross. March 2016 


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