Before the Blaze, Pre-Fire London


Medieval London was one of Europe's greatest cities. This day will take you back in time to the buildings that withstood the ravages of the Fire of London.  St Bartholomew the Great is arguably the most exciting of these early churches.  Affectionately known as Great St Bart's, its ancient atmosphere holds a key to our understanding of Norman architecture.   The nearby St Etheldreda's is also worth a visit.  It is one of the only private two-storey clergy chapels to survive the furnace, has stunning windows and is a good example of an early decorated church.

In the afternoon we will visit the Temple Church of St Mary, a rare example of a Norman round church and burial place the curious Knights Templar crusaders. Crossing the river to the ancient acre of Southwark there will be an optional Evensong starting at 17.00 in the stunning 13th century Cathedral church of St Mary's Overy.

  • Meet where: Outside Great St Bart's
  • Meet when: 11am
  • Fee: £75 per person including entrance into Great St Bart's, contribution fee for St Etheldreda's and the Temple church, 2 x taxi
  • Suggested lunch venue: Smith of Smithfields.  Please talk to Rose for other options. 
  • Days available: Monday to Friday
  • Rose carries public liability insurance


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