"They say there is no such thing as a perfect moment but when we stepped into the Sistine Chapel, deserted, standing empty just for us, it wasn't just a perfect moment but a mind-blowing, perfect hour. What more can I say other than, thank you with all my heart for a truly life-changing trip."

LF Gap Year Course

Case Studies

The object of education is to teach us to love Beauty - PLATO

Looking back on AHA...

"As a biology graduate and a solicitor, you may be forgiven for thinking that all I took from a trip to Italy in my gap year was a Coliseum fridge magnet and a headache. Perhaps that was all I expected too; but a few years down the line, I have realised how wrong that assessment was, and just how much Art History Abroad has shaped me..." READ MORE

A Gapper returns...

"I feel so lucky to have had such a unique opportunity to spend six totally exhilarating weeks with such a fantastic organisation. So much so that I now find it utterly frustrating that I cannot preach enough to anyone quite how simply awesome the whole Italy experience actually was. Everything from the students, to the food, to the tutors, the Art, Italy, just everything completely surpassed any of my highest expectations..." READ MORE

A Parent writes...

"Lizzie was very nervous indeed about participating, though she was full of anticipation and excitement. But from the moment Luke welcomed Lizzie on arrival at Gatwick, by name, on sight (hugely impressive), we left her with all our doubts gone, already knowing she would be fine..." READ MORE




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