"The tutors were incredible, all bursting with information and energy. To us they were seen more as friends than teachers and this is what made the group so cohesive... To me it was worth every single penny, actually a lot more."

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Thank you for all your entries to the 2017 scholarship.  Congratulations to winner Beatrice Chantler-Hicks who has chosen to attend the Northern 2 course this year.  

THE SCHOLARSHIP awards the winner the value of an Art History Abroad 2 week summer course (£3,975) in 2017). AHA courses are led by enthusiastic tutors who will bring the art of the Renaissance and the culture of Italy to life. The scholarship is open to all, but is particularly intended to encourage students who do not have a scholarly interest in art history. It will be awarded as result of a competition, which invites an imaginative, though not necessarily art historical, response.

ELIGIBILITY Applicants must be at least 16 on 5th March 2018 and under 19. Exceptions to this do apply, contact Art History Abroad for further details.

COMPETITION Applicants are asked to submit two 400 word reasoned descriptions; the first of a building, painting, sculpture or work of decorative art which they truly enjoy, the second of a building, painting, sculpture or work of decorative art which they loathe. The essays must be supported by no more than two photographs or drawings no larger than a sheet of A4 paper. The adjudicators will look for good and daring arguments to support the applicant's assertions. The adjudicators will be appointed jointly by NADFAS and Art History Abroad. Their decision will be final.

TIMING Entries for the scholarship must be received at NADFAS House no later than midday on Monday 5th March 2018. Late entries will not be accepted. All applicants will be notified by email and by post. 

FEES AND SPENDING MONEY The value of the scholarship is Art History Abroad's fee for a 2 week summer course. This covers accommodation in Italy, all museum entry fees, travel and tuition upon the course in Italy.
PLEASE NOTE The fee and therefore the scholarship does NOT cover  lunch, supper or spending money. Students are asked to meet these daily expenses of about £490 in total. Travel insurance and flights are NOT included.

TRANSFERABILITY A successful applicant may wish to transfer the value of the 2 week summer course to an Art History Abroad six weeks gap year course but he/she will have to pay the balance of the fees. Otherwise the value of the Scholarship may NOT be transferred or cashed in. If the winner is unable to take up the place offered the benefit of the Scholarship will be offered to the runner up. The winner in 2018 will be allowed to use the scholarship against the following courses: Early Summer 6 week course 2018, all 2 week summer courses 2018, Late Summer and Autumn 6 week courses 2018 and Spring 6 week course 2019.

HOW TO APPLY All applicants MUST specify on their NADFAS entry form which course they would like to join should they be awarded the scholarship, and inform Art History Abroad their intention to apply for the Sir Trenchard Cox Scholarship.

All course details are in the prospectus obtainable from ART HISTORY ABROAD

Art History Abroad, The Red House,

1 Lambseth Street, Eye, Suffolk IP23 7AG

T: 01379871800

e-mail: info@arthistoryabroad.com website: www.arthistoryabroad.com


Please click the link to go to the Nadfas website, where details about the scholarship and a link to the online application form are available:


It is also available from the Volunteering Department, at the address below.

NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street, London WC1 1DA

Tel: 020 7430 0730 Fax: 020 7242 0686 e-mail: youngarts@nadfas.org.uk www.nadfas.org.uk

Company No 4307984 (England) Registered Charity No 1089743



Sir Trenchard Cox was an enchanting man. He died in 1996 leaving deep in the memory of those who knew him a quality of old world manners and warm wit. He was kind to everyone and encouraged all he met in their delight of beautiful things. It is perhaps this facet of his character that made him such a good Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), where it is said, he made time each week to walk around the great halls of the museum talking to the wardens whose solitary task it is to guard the collection. While at the V&A he brought his astonishingly broad scholarship to bear in order to strengthen a multitude of departments that cared for objects as diverse as costume, furniture and wrought iron. In every case the level of expertise achieved was much admired around the world. Furthermore, his devotion to the principal that museums serve all people made him a leader in efforts to make museums more comprehensible. To this end some galleries were laid out with different types of objects put into a historical setting and thus into context. Before the V&A he was at the Wallace Collection in London and was Director of the City Art Gallery in Birmingham. He will not perhaps be remembered as one of the cultural barons of the twentieth century but he was an influential man who put everyone he met at ease, not by trivialising his expertise, but by encouraging others to join his interests. Sir Trenchard Cox was a constant help to Patricia Fay in the early days when she founded NADFAS and rejoiced in being NADFAS president. He would take great delight in the workings of NADFAS Young Arts and for this reason it seems appropriate that this scholarship should bear his name.

Nicholas Ross

Art History Abroad



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