"I was not expecting to be with the eclectic mixture of individuals that shared this experience with me. I know I have made some friends for life. There is a magic in AHA tours that you never recapture. I have been inspired, encouraged and excited."

RH - Summer '09

Significant Anniversaries of Great Creators

We have selected anniversaries of the following artists, architects and writers around which we will hold some imaginative and illuminating events either in the UK or abroad.


Year Artist Dates
2012 Francesco Guardi

1712 - 1793

2013 Pinturicchio

1454 - 1513

2013 Delacroix

1798 - 1863

2014 Bramante

1444 - 1514

2015 Dante

1265 - 1321

2016 Giovanni Bellini

1530 - 1516

2016 Donatello

1386 - 1466


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