"They say there is no such thing as a perfect moment but when we stepped into the Sistine Chapel, deserted, standing empty just for us, it wasn't just a perfect moment but a mind-blowing, perfect hour. What more can I say other than, thank you with all my heart for a truly life-changing trip."

LF Gap Year Course

Summer Holiday Courses

SUMMER COURSES 2016 (AGES 17 - 24)

Northern Italy 1 10 July - 24 July 2017 2 weeks £3,975
Northern Italy 2 24 July - 07 August 2017 2 weeks £3,975
Southern Italy 24 July - 07 August 2017 2 weeks £3,975
Combination course 10 July - 07 Aug 2017 4 weeks £7,550

 If you would like to pay in Euros or Dollars, please request on application


If you would like, it is quite possible to attend the Northern Italy Course followed by the Southern Course.  Discounts are also available for this as well as those who attended courses in consecutive years. Please contact the office for further details.


Included in the fees:

  • Tuition (70 Hours on-site for the summer course and 170 hours for the 4 week Late Summer Gap Year course)
  • All accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer in Italy
  • All transport in Italy when concerned with teaching
  • Instructional materials
  • All museum entrance fees
  • Notes and reading lists

Items not included in the fees:

  • Flights*
  • Connecting flights from domicile to the UK and back
  • Spending money**
  • Lunch and supper**
  • Travel Insurance***

* We request that students book the recommended flights out of and return to London, which we carefully select for each course, in order for the group to travel together and transfer from airport to hotel easily with their tutors. 

**We recommend that students bring £35 - £38 per day to cover food, drinks and spending money.

***Banner Insurance Group provides AHA with a Group Travel Insurance Policy that is open to all AHA participants. If you arrange your own, please ensure that your policy covers medical and repatriation expenses.

For US citizens, in particular those who have not yet travelled abroad, the US Department of State offer a "Smart Traveller Enrolment Program".  STEP is a free service which allows US citizens and nationals travelling abroad to enrol their trip with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate https://step.state.gov/step/

Please ensure that your policy covers medical as well as repatriation expenses and that your policy cancellation cover matches or exceeds the value of the course.  (Please note, the cancellation cover of some policies might be less than the value of the course.)

AHA protects client moneys paid in advance by placing them in a Clients Trust Account as recommended by the tour regulations of the 1992 Consumer Protection Act. Monies are held in this segregated account (and thus not part of the audit of Art History Abroad) until the completion of a course.


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