"They say there is no such thing as a perfect moment but when we stepped into the Sistine Chapel, deserted, standing empty just for us, it wasn't just a perfect moment but a mind-blowing, perfect hour. What more can I say other than, thank you with all my heart for a truly life-changing trip."

LF Gap Year Course

Tailor Made School Trips

For over twenty years, AHA has run bespoke courses for schools, in addition to our Gap Year and summer holiday courses. These trips range between intense study and revision trips for A Level Art Historians, to mind-expanding tours of a more general studies nature, for students from a variety of academic disciplines. We have experience of working with Prep schools and Secondary schools, with groups ranging from eight to forty people.

Why ?
Schools come to AHA because we offer a tremendous bespoke administrative service and brilliant tutors. A typical, 3 night trip with AHA will allow for at least 21 hours tuition. This is equivalent to 5 weeks of A level study per subject at school and thus represents tremendous value.

Our local and subject knowledge is profound, so your time abroad is spent well and efficiently - as is parents' money. AHA will design the tour itinerary with you, focusing on any subjects and/or artworks and buildings relevant to your syllabus. We will discuss all the logistics for the trip with you and once our proposal has been accepted, we handle all pre-course administration. All we need from you are the names and application forms of attending students.

Once abroad
Our lead tutor handles all the daily administration, teaching and (if required) pastoral care while you are abroad. We maintain a teaching ratio of maximum 1:12, although we prefer smaller groups of 1:8. If the party becomes larger, AHA provides another expert tutor and the group is divided accordingly. Our tutors also organise supper in a variety of nice, modest Trattoria, and our past students will testify that this is a fun and memorable part of any AHA trip.

Students at the Tempietto

End result
There is no substitute for seeing art and architecture on site; it stirs enthusiasm, clarifies and expands issues discussed in the classroom and brings a huge range of subjects to life. Furthermore, our clients say that students find the different voice of an AHA tutor refreshing. We aim to send them home with a ‘bounce' which will carry them right through their exams.

Our courses are available throughout the year and we can be flexible according to your timetable and needs. October and February half terms are popular times to go away, as are the Easter and beginning of the summer holidays. The fees vary according to the season and we are happy to advise on these issues. For example, Rome becomes very much more expensive to visit around Easter.

Prices of an AHA course vary according to your needs, wishes and budget.  Typically, a three night trip to Italy would cost on average £795 and a two night trip to Paris would cost an average of £495. Prices vary according to the city we are visiting and the time of year we travel. It also keeps costs down to book well in advance, enabling us to purchase tickets at a lower price. 

Schools which have come away with AHA once invariably return for years so we like to think that parents, staff and students feel our courses are good value.



In response to the question: 'What did AHA provide which added to the value of travelling with them?'

'Everything. They are worth every penny. The knowledge of the tutors, the time saved for me, the ease and lack of stress, the carefully structured itineraries which consider the opening times of churches (which in Italy is complex). Everything that AHA do for the trip adds value to the experience for me and my students.'

Helen Oakden, Head of History of Art, St Mary's Ascot


In response to the question: 'Was your school trip with AHA successful? How useful was it to your students in your and their opinion?'

'Yes the Rome trip was a great joy for both teachers and students. The students expressed that it was one of the most significant experiences of their sixth form; a deep appreciation of art, culture and learning brought alive in first hand exprience of art works. It gave them the opportunity to make memorable connections and contextualise artworks studied in class. Many used the art seen in Rome as examples for their A level exam.'

Henrietta Robinson, Head of Art History, Gresham's. 










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