"The tutors were incredible, all bursting with information and energy. To us they were seen more as friends than teachers and this is what made the group so cohesive... To me it was worth every single penny, actually a lot more."

AMH - Summer

Art History Abroad Application Form

We are delighted that you are going to apply for a place on one of our courses. Please read the following very carefully before proceeding;

This application form is legally binding between AHA Courses Ltd and the person responsible for paying the fees and must be filled out by the feepayer and, where possible, the student wishing to attend the course should counter sign the form as well. If however the feepayer is uder the age of 18 then a parent/guardian must also sign below.

Once you have filled in all the necessary fields below, you will be sent an email with the means of payment of the deposit. In order for your place to be totally secure, we must receive payment of the deposit within 7 working days of the date of submission.

If you would prefer to print and post your registration form click here.

please complete all questions marked with an *

Student details

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Are you in possession of an up to date passport Y/N *

Parent Details

Parents address is the same as the students address 

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Who is paying the fees *

Do you have any medical condition of which we should have knowledge? *

Do you take any medication of which we should have knowledge? *

Do you have any allergies or special dietary requirements of which we should have knowledge? *

I agree to receiving medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical, or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. I will inform AHA as soon as possible of any changes to the circumstances above between now and the start of the course and will inform AHA immediately if I contract any contagious diseases four weeks before the start date of the course. 

We have a gift of a hoody for you if attending a Gap Year Course or a t-shirt if attending a Summer Course. Please indicate which size you require? *

Our tutors are not trained lifeguards.
Do you agree to your son or daughter going swimming should he / she wish to.

PLEASE READ & AGREE TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT ITEMS;TRAVEL INSURANCE: I understand that by signing this form I undertake to organise comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of the course and I will ensure the policy covers all repatriation and medical expenses. 

PASSPORTS & VISAS: I understand that by signing this form I undertake to ensure I have a valid passport for travel over the dates shown above and will organise any necessary Visas for travel to Italy. 

YOUR DETAILS: I understand that AHA Courses will securely hold my details on their database will not pass them onto any third parties and will use them exclusively in connection with all AHA courses and events. 

Do you know anyone who has attended an AHA course? *

Do you know anyone who is coming on this course? *

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO: During our courses, AHA generates videos and photographs which may include your image and we would like to use these, with discretion, on our Social Media with your permission. Very occasionally, there are images we would like to use on posters or in advertisements in which case, we would seek your permission beyond this agreement. Tick the box if you agree to your image being used. *

THE DEPOSIT: I will send a deposit payment of £600 within 7 days of submission of this form. (On receipt of this form we will email you details of how to make a deposit payment. Please note that we cannot accept any card payments at this time. Payments must be made via cheque or via online transfer. Your place will only be secured on receipt of deposit payment.) 

I/We have read the Terms and conditions, taking special notice of the cancellation procedure

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