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"I was not expecting to be with the eclectic mixture of individuals that shared this experience with me. I know I have made some friends for life. There is a magic in AHA tours that you never recapture. I have been inspired, encouraged and excited."

RH - Summer '09


  Due to the sudden rise in the cost of Summer 2015 flights AHA will be applying a supplement to Summer 2015 fees.... read more

( Last Updated: 27-03-2015 )

  AHA 2015 Scholarship winners.  We are very happy to announce Saskia Solomon as the winner of our 2015 AHA ... read more

( Last Updated: 27-03-2015 )

  The Early summer course 2014 is stepping away from the published route due to unforeseen events.  The canon... read more

( Last Updated: 18-02-2014 )

Here is some more information on our school trips.... read more

( Last Updated: 15-01-2014 )

It is our greatest pleasure to congratulate one of our former students Arabella Hill, who came on our Spring Gap course ... read more

( Last Updated: 20-06-2013 )

Here is a link to our Enquiry Form for Schools... read more

( Last Updated: 24-05-2013 )

  Listen to Izo’s new release ’Michael Coins’ and Read a Brief Biography After AHA I ventured... read more

( Last Updated: 02-01-2013 )

If you would like to take part in some, but not all of the European Semester Course then why not join us for a shorter 2... read more

( Last Updated: 29-08-2012 )

See AHA\'s Photo Gallery for the lastest pictures straight from our Southern Italy Summer Course. The course had a ... read more

( Last Updated: 06-08-2012 )

For those who may not know, the triforium is the upper gallery of arches in the nave of a great gothic church.  At ... read more

( Last Updated: 03-08-2012 )

See the new 90 Day Semester Course page on our website for up-to-date and relevant information about this new course inc... read more

( Last Updated: 31-07-2012 )

If you are thinking of coming on one of our summer courses in 2012 please fill in your application form as soon as possi... read more

( Last Updated: 11-06-2012 )

We have just heard from Thomas Greenaway who came with us on a Gap Year Course in 2004. Thomas is now a traditionally t... read more

( Last Updated: 13-10-2011 )

Nick and Cressida have just returned from spending a magical time in Warwickshire.  Over half term we were lucky to... read more

( Last Updated: 08-06-2011 )

Art History Abroad\'s Dan Evans lifts ‘Silver\' at Wanderlust Guide Award, 2ndOctober 2008. Knuckles were whiteni... read more

( Last Updated: 04-01-2011 )

We have carried out additional risk assessment regarding swine flu. Where possible we are arranging additional rooms in ... read more

( Last Updated: 24-07-2009 )

Robert Woodward (1947 - 2008) This is very likely to be the first that many of our alumni have heard about this tra... read more

( Last Updated: 11-12-2008 )

Listen to Dan's appearance on Radio 4's 'Excess Baggage' presented by John McCarthyIf this doesn... read more

( Last Updated: 06-10-2008 )

Art History Abroad courses have been considered as one of the 100 very best worldwide vacations according to a new ... read more

( Last Updated: 29-07-2008 )

Read Laura Freeman's account of her AHA experience, published in Country Life here... read more

( Last Updated: 27-03-2008 )

Download the article by Charlotte Metcalfe in the Spectator by clicking here  ... read more

( Last Updated: 06-03-2008 )

Download the House and Garden review here... read more

( Last Updated: 13-02-2008 )


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