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"The tutors were incredible, all bursting with information and energy. To us they were seen more as friends than teachers and this is what made the group so cohesive... To me it was worth every single penny, actually a lot more."

AMH - Summer '09


  AHA 2015 Scholarship winners.  We are very happy to announce Saskia Solomon as the winner of our 2015 AHA ... read more

( Last Updated: 27-03-2015 )

Here is some more information on our school trips.... read more

( Last Updated: 15-01-2014 )

It is our greatest pleasure to congratulate one of our former students Arabella Hill, who came on our Spring Gap course ... read more

( Last Updated: 20-06-2013 )

Here is a link to our Enquiry Form for Schools... read more

( Last Updated: 24-05-2013 )

  Listen to Izo’s new release ’Michael Coins’ and Read a Brief Biography After AHA I ventured... read more

( Last Updated: 02-01-2013 )

If you would like to take part in some, but not all of the European Semester Course then why not join us for a shorter 2... read more

( Last Updated: 29-08-2012 )

For those who may not know, the triforium is the upper gallery of arches in the nave of a great gothic church.  At ... read more

( Last Updated: 03-08-2012 )

We have just heard from Thomas Greenaway who came with us on a Gap Year Course in 2004. Thomas is now a traditionally t... read more

( Last Updated: 13-10-2011 )

Nick and Cressida have just returned from spending a magical time in Warwickshire.  Over half term we were lucky to... read more

( Last Updated: 08-06-2011 )

Art History Abroad\'s Dan Evans lifts ‘Silver\' at Wanderlust Guide Award, 2ndOctober 2008. Knuckles were whiteni... read more

( Last Updated: 04-01-2011 )

Robert Woodward (1947 - 2008) This is very likely to be the first that many of our alumni have heard about this tra... read more

( Last Updated: 11-12-2008 )

Art History Abroad courses have been considered as one of the 100 very best worldwide vacations according to a new ... read more

( Last Updated: 29-07-2008 )

Read Laura Freeman's account of her AHA experience, published in Country Life here... read more

( Last Updated: 27-03-2008 )

Download the article by Charlotte Metcalfe in the Spectator by clicking here  ... read more

( Last Updated: 06-03-2008 )

Download the House and Garden review here... read more

( Last Updated: 13-02-2008 )


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