"AHA courses are much better than A level History of Art as a preparation for university work. Exposure to real paintings, sculpture and buildings develops visual alertness. Seeing art in the cities where it was made reveals how it was shaped by its cultural context. Students from AHA have been made aware of many of the problems and excitements of academic Art History before they begin their BA."

    Professor John Onians
    The School of World Art Studies, University of East Anglia

    Video Gallery

    View AHA Northern Italy Summer Course video

    Tutors and students in Florence on our two week Northern Italy Summer Course. Film by Maia Kenworthy.

    View Early Summer Gap Year Course video

    Students from AHA's Early Summer Gap Year Course explain about their tutors. Film by Josh Cawthorn.

    View Gap Year Course in Florence video

    AHA's Early Summer Gap Year Course in Florence. Film by Josh Cawthorn.

    View Early Summer Gap Year Course video

    Students from AHA's Early Summer Gap Year Course talk about the sort of people who join the course. Film by Josh Cawthorn.

    View Steve Florence Late Summer Gap Course 2009 video

    A video to explain how engaging the tuition is. We forgot the backing music!

    View ROMA ROMA ROMA video

    Autumn Gap students at the Stadio Olimpico, cheering the mighty AS Roma.

    View Boat Trip Short video

    A glorious afternoon on the water in Sicily.

    View James - San Marco video

    Tutor James introduces the Early Summer Gap Course students to the mosaics of San Marco in Venice, during their out of hours private visit.

    View Mannerists Capodimonte video

    Students express their thoughts about Parmigianino's Antea and Daniel da Voltera's mini copy of the Last Judgement.

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