AHA has been enriching the lives of thousands of students over the last 30 years but we struggle to really convey how dynamic and how different our courses really are. It is obvious that you will learn an enormous amount about art, architecture, culture and Western Civilisation but you will also learn much about yourself whilst having an amazing time.

A new video seemed the best way to get our message across and our talented, creative tutors were the perfect team to capture “the spirit of AHA” in film.  Marie and Maia planned storyboards using Holly’s wonderful footage and adding in “talking heads” sections to be filmed in London.  Armed with this, they managed to track down a few alumni (thank you Oliver, Imo and Charlotte) and also Director Nick Ross to spend a fun few days filming.

For a glimpse of all the places we visit, the video includes the Colosseum and Rome, Fiesole and Florence, dancing on the Ponte Vecchio, sunset aperitivos overlooking the Duomo, sunrises in Montepulciano, the crater of Vesuvius, the majesty of a Caravaggio, wonderful walls at Pisa, cooking lessons, a gold leaf session … the list goes on but gives a flavour of what a student might see.

Maia has several films under her belt, not to mention a Masters in Ethnographic and Documentary Filming whilst Marie has experience of telling stories through film for her own music career. Once all the film had been taken, Maia set to to edit it down and produce not only this brilliant promotional video but a shorter one for our scholarship.

We could not be more pleased!

Maia Kenworthy

Maia graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2013 with a first in History. Fascinated by Italy’s rich and spectacular past, she studied Rome’s turbulent relationship with Constantinople and the power wielded by Venice during the Crusades. The daughter of a sculptor, Maia grew up surrounded by art and developed a strong interest in the Italian Renaissance during her own gap year, when she inter-railed across Italy, guidebook in hand. When she is not teaching, Maia pursues her interest in filmmaking. She holds an MA in Ethnographic & Documentary Film and has made several films for overseas charities and organisations.

Holly Morrison

After a gap year which included an AHA course and some time on the Arctic Tundra (listen to @gapyearradio Episode 203), she studied Art History at St Andrews University and the University of Richmond, Virginia specialising in the Florentine Renaissance. She has spent many hours in the Florence Archives studying writings by the fiery monk, Savonarola and the accompanying woodcut prints for her dissertation.  Her real love, however, is for the frescoes of Fra Angelico, the sculpture of Bernini and melanzane parmigiana!  She also loves photography, cooking and travelling and you may have seen some of her work on her Instagram feed @hollymorri. We already use much of Holly’s photography in our promotional literature and on this website.  Since 2016 she has also been AHA’s Head of North American Admissions.

Marie Naffah

Marie was a student on a 6 week Gap Year Course in 2012 when she decided that Italy felt like a second home to her. She stayed in Florence after the course, working as an intern in the curatorial department of Palazzo Strozzi. With a love for the 17th-century Baroque greats such as Bernini and Caravaggio, she went on to study Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art before joining us. A lover of all things creative, Marie is also a musician who was awarded MTV’s Unsigned Artist of the Year in 2014. She is a firm believer in the idea of teaching Art History in an accessible, fun and interactive manner.  In 2018 she became AHA Head of UK Admissions.

With thanks to all the other stars of the videos but particularly our wonderful supertutors:

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