• A Diamond in the Rough – Our Brand New UK Semester Course 

    London •  Stradford • Edinburgh • Glasgow • The Lake District • Manchester • Liverpool • Rural Creative Retreats • Possible Italian Extension

    Out of the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic AHA has created a fantastic gap course based in the UK for those with creativity and culture on their mind.

    This course is open to all students from across the globe. At the time of this update (July 21st 2020) US citizens are not allowed into mainland European countries due to Corona restrictions. US citizens are, however, allowed into the UK so long as they partake in a 2-week self-isolation. To make our Semester Course available for our US students who usually make up the majority of the course, we have altered the plan so that we will spend the first portion of the course travelling around the UK, arguably the most compact and varied locations on the planet.

    The course will officially start on October 3rd, but US students will be asked to arrive 2 weeks prior, on September 19th, to self-isolate.  We will have AHA tutors to stay with you and we will arrange the accommodation, catering and useful activities pertinent to the overall semester programme.  However, if you have friends or family you would prefer to stay with for this time then do let us know.  See our ‘Practicalities’ page for UK Government information about quarantine in the UK.

    After 2 weeks of self isolation and 4 and a half weeks of travelling the UK we will be starting our 6 week Autumn Gap Year Course in Italy, which is presently still available to British/European students. If the travel restrictions have relaxed by that point we will be able to offer this 6 week Italian portion as an extension to those American students on the UK Course.

    For more information, apply now to arrange a call or email info@arthistoryabroad.com

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  • Self-Isolation for USA students (2 weeks from the 19th September) 

    Self-isolation does not sound like much fun, but given beautiful Wales, a good set up and inspirational teaching, it can turn into the most fun productive time; indeed a wonderful prelude to the course. Throughout we will be adhering to the UK Government rules about self-isolation and social distancing. Naturesbase is self-contained and well equipped property so that we can explore the environment, conservation, painting and making while doing seminars on art history and contemporary cultural issues.  The aim is that we leave Wales with re-calibrated vision for the world of art as we explore Britain and beyond.

    If, by some happy chance, self-isolation for visitors from the US is rescinded, we can amend our itinerary at short notice to spend some time in Wales perhaps and then travel in the West Country, visiting Stonehenge and Bath and Bristol – all places of intrinsic fascination – before moving on to London.

    The UK Course is 4 and a half weeks in length  (3rd October – 2nd November) and explores the visual world of the following places:

    London (7 nights)

    Whether it’s critiquing the layout and collection of the British Museum or absorbing the Rothko room at the Tate, this week will delve into the blockbusters and hidden gems of vibrant London. With lots of curators, artists, lecturers and writers as friends of AHA, we seek to provide inside access and a deeper understanding of this exhilarating city.

    Stratford Upon Avon Arts and Culture Festival  (7 nights)

    An intimate Arts festival like no other with art history discussions, expert lectures, creative workshops, guest creatives, cooking classes, countryside, film-making, creative writing, photography, music and more in the heart of Shakespeare country.

    Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow) (7 nights)

    Edinburgh and Glasgow offer a culture as rich and deep as London, with fabulous collections of European painting, together with National Collections and contemporary art. Glasgow is particularly sparkling with the modernist work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Burrell Collection.  We will also explore the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel monumental contemporary sculpture at Jupiter Artland.

    Lake District (4 nights)

    Is there a more dramatic landscape so associated with poetry and the arts? Aspects of what it means to be British have been forged by the words written in this place. The key names to conjure with are William Wordsworth and John Ruskin. The former was a leading figure for the English Romantics and the latter was a social commentator/scientist, brilliant draughtsman, art critic whose advocacy for nature, social fairness and beauty in life echo in our times with ever greater force.This is a perfectly poised moment in the course, bringing together the depth of British history, the stunning landscape of the North, a joy in nature – all as a prelude to the great Industrial cities of Manchester and Liverpool and the Pre Raphaelite movement. 

    Liverpool and Manchester (5 nights)

    Our time in Manchester will rest on three pillars; Victorianism, powered by the dual forces of Capitalism and Socialism. Think Industrial architecture; and the Manchester music scene driven by Joy Division, Oasis and Tony Wilson’s Hacienda Club. The Manchester City Gallery, The Whitworth and The Lowry are just a few places to begin our discussions. Accompanied by the lyrics of The Smiths, the prose of Elizabeth Gaskell and Punk poetry of John Cooper Clarke, Manchester will provide a gritty counterpoint to the pastoral peaks of the Lake District and remind us of the seismic tensions of these diminutive islands. 

    Liverpool is an irrepressible city. The Lady Lever Collection and the Walker Art Gallery illustrate the high cultural scope of Liverpool’s past, while a walk down Penny Lane with the Beatles reveals the astute Liverpudlian. The redevelopment of the docks, the arrival of Tate Liverpool and the World Museum all point to influence of culture upon a place and thus a fitting end to our aesthetic tour of Britain.
  • At AHA, we carry our ethos wherever we go and our courses are designed for the creative, the curious and the adventurous. We intend for you to come away with more than just halcyon memories but also…

    • Take away a life-long love of learning and appreciation of arts and culture – something to be cherished on all future travels.

      A broader education – We fill the cultural gap in school education. Whether it’s mythology, Dante, Shakespeare, jazz or opera, we seek to open your mind to wonders that a prescribed school timetable cannot

    • Something that stands out on a Personal Statement and CV – It illustrates an interest in The Arts and Culture, showing you have used your time wisely and engaged with up-and-coming talents in the creative industries
    • Good conversation at mealtime 
    • An ability to critique, debate and discuss provoking subjects – not only making you more interesting as a person, but allowing you to stand out in a seminar or interview context
    • A greater confidence in public speaking-and an understanding of the power of rhetoric
    • Fresh Air & Exercise! After this long stint indoors…
    • New Skills – including cookery, film-making, photography, painting, creative writing, songwriting, play-writing…
    • An opportunity to step back from technology-and ideas of how to be inspired in your free time, preventing boredom.
    • Preparation for university and/or the next stage – meeting new people, getting out of the school context and partaking in independent and collaborative thought
    • A curious mind – Come away with questions and thoughts and aspirations for your future
    • The ability to form and articulate new ideas effectively – We teach creativity as a habit that should be trained and encourage you to express yourselves freely. Not only useful for practicing artists or writers, but also useful for budding Entrepreneurs or those looking to break the mould.

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  • Dates & Fees:

    2020 Semester Course to UK and Italy (19 Sept – 11 Dec – incl. isolation)                              £22,890

    2020 UK Gap Course for those needing to self isolate (19 Sept – 2 Nov – incl. isolation)  £11,965

    2020 UK Gap Course for those not needing to self isolate (3 Oct – 2 Nov)                                £8,122

    2020 Autumn Italian Gap Course (2 Nov – 11 Dec)                                                                             £10,925


    Useful information regarding Covid19:

    For how to stay in self isolation on arrival in the UK as described by the UK Government.


    The link below illustrates the form you would need to fill in before entering the UK.


    In the event that UK government rules change and self-isolation for US visitors is dismissed, we have prepared an alternative timetable accordingly to allow travel in those 2-weeks from the 21st September.


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