• We have funded scholarships and awards for many years giving away almost one hundred thousand pounds and we have recently added more avenues for you to pursue.  There is the Trenchard Cox Art History Scholarship, The AHA Musical Scholarship and the AHA Awards Process.

    AHA offers Free Gallery Sessions in order that you can see AHA in action and we can get to know you. Come and see specially selected artefacts at The National Gallery, The British Museum and Tate Modern. We are also offering essential interview practice for a small charge.

    We also sponsor other prizes, such as SpoKe and ARTiculation, a full list of which is on our Art History Resources page.  Furthermore, we are sponsors of Easel, an organisation that helps those looking for employment in the art world, and we are associates of Art History Matters which sets out to actively promote Art History. 

    Beyond the above, there are Trusts and granting bodies who can help match fund scholarships and awards which you have won. See our Art History Resources page.


  • The Scholarship, established in memory of Sir Trenchard Cox, awards the winner a place on an Art History Abroad 2-week Summer Course (£4,300 in 2020*).  It is run in assocation with The Arts Society who kindly collect the entries and collate the marks.

    The Scholarship is open to all, but is particularly intended to encourage students who do not have a scholarly interest in art history. It will be awarded as a result of a competition, which invites an imaginative, though not necessarily art historical, response.

    AHA will ask the winner and runners up to each write a 500 word blog on an aspect of the course and to each post once a week on Instagram tagging AHA and to write a review of the course on Gooverseas.com.

    The basics

    • Apply through the link below.
    • Consider taking up one or more of the Free Gallery Days, (see below)
    • Send in your entry before 17.00 (GMT) Thursday, 5 March 2020.
    • We will announce the winner on Tuesday, 17 March, 2020. First Prize is £4,300 towards an AHA Summer Course.

    Eligibility & Deadline

    Applicants must be at least 16 on 5 March 2020 and under 19. Exceptions to this do apply, contact Art History Abroad for further details.

    Entries for the Scholarship must be received by The Arts Society no later than 17.00 (GMT) on 5 March 2020. Late entries will not be accepted.


    Applicants are asked to submit two 400-word reasoned descriptions; the first of a building, painting, sculpture or work of decorative art which they truly enjoy; the second of a building, painting, sculpture or work of decorative art which they loathe.

    The essays must be supported by no more than two photographs (one per essay) or drawings no larger than a sheet of A4 paper. The adjudicators will look for good and daring arguments to support the applicant’s assertions. The adjudicators will be appointed jointly by The Arts Society and Art History Abroad. Their decision will be final.

    Fees & Spending Money

    The value of the Scholarship is Art History Abroad’s fee for any 2-week Summer Course (£4,300 in 2020). This covers accommodation in Italy, all museum entry fees, travel and tuition upon the course in Italy.  No cash alternative is available. It may also be used against a longer course, see Transferability below.


    The fee and therefore the scholarship does NOT cover lunch, supper or spending money. Students are asked to meet these daily expenses of about £38 daily. Travel insurance and flights are NOT included.


    A successful applicant may wish to transfer the value of the 2-week Summer Course to one of the Art History Abroad courses specified below but he/she will have to pay the balance of the fees. Otherwise the value of the Scholarship may NOT be transferred or cashed in. If the winner is unable to take up the place offered the benefit of the Scholarship will be offered to the runner up.

    The winner in 2020 will be allowed to use the Scholarship against the following courses: Early Summer 6-week Course 2020, all 2-week Summer Courses 2020, Late Summer 3-week and Autumn 6-week Courses 2020 and Spring 6-week Course 2021 and the Spring 6-week Course to India 2021.

    How to apply

    1. Email Art History Abroad to say you wish to register:


    2. Follow this link to the Arts Society website to apply – applications will open in 2020.


    N.B. ON NO ACCOUNT fill in our Summer Course or Gap Year application form unless you intend to come on a course whether or not you are the successful winner of the Scholarship.

    Previous winners

    2018 – Noël Masal.
    “I’m currently a senior Visual Art major at a performing arts high school in New York City. In the fall, I will attend Tufts University and double major in Environmental Science and Sustainability and Visual Art.

    I happened upon Art History Abroad and the scholarship one day last summer. I had been doing an environmental summer internship where I worked as a field researcher in a marsh. It definitely was not the best experience and I was determined to have a better summer next year, especially before college. I take Italian in school so I always wanted to go to Italy and speak the language.

    I searched for summer abroad opportunities for teens to go to Italy and I found Art History Abroad, along with the Northern Italy II video. It looked like so much fun and the prompt for the scholarship looked very interesting to write about.
    I saw the email that I had won the scholarship at 7 am when I woke up for school and for the rest of the day I felt untouchable. A very nice way to wake up, indeed! I am completely honored and overjoyed to have won the scholarship and I can already tell that this will be an experience I’ll never forget.”

    Read Noël’s account of her trip on our blog.

    Support for the scholarship - Free Gallery Days

    AHA is offering three Gallery Sessions as detailed below for those planning to enter the Trenchard Cox Art History Scholarship.  This is an opportunity to meet AHA tutors, hone the skills needed to do well in the scholarship and to learn about our magnificent courses.  Once you have applied, we will be in touch before the walk to ask if you have any particular paintings or artefacts you would like to discuss with AHA tutors because they are pertinent for your A-level.   Remember the study of art and context is useful for so much more that an Art History syllabus alone; consider Classics, Languages and Art. 

    Start time is always 1.30 pm and we will offer tea at 2.45 pm and we will be finished by 4.15 pm.

    In order to make a day of it we are offering additional services which you may find useful, such as university interview practice, a lecture on Gauguin or advice on preparation for writing personal statements.   It can be especially useful to build confidence when doing interviews for Art History at University.  For these additional services, there is a small charge.  Once you have applied, we will send you a note of fees with payment instructions. 

    Tuesday, 29 October 2019

    National Gallery

    10.00 – 12.45 Optional: University Interview Practice – 45 minutes, one to one. 6 places available. (£40)

    13.30 – 16.15 Italian Painting (Tea and cake on AHA at 14.45)

    Monday, 9 December 2019

    British Museum

    11.00 – 12.00 Optional Lecture by Tom Parsons – Gauguin Portraits in the light of the National Gallery Exhibition (£10)

    13.30 – 16.15 Classical and World Art (Tea and cake on AHA at 14.45)

    Monday, 17 February 2020

    Tate Modern

    10.00 – 12.45 Optional: Preparing for a Personal Statement – 45 minutes one to one (£40)

    13.30 – 16.15 Modernism and Critical Thinking (Tea and cake on AHA at 14.45)

    Who was Trenchard?

    Sir (George) Trenchard Cox. Lucinda Douglas-Menzies/National Portrait Gallery, London

    The Scholarship was established by Art History Abroad in 1998 in memory of past President of NADFAS (the former name of The Arts Society), Sir Trenchard Cox (1905 – 1995) and until 2017 it was named after him.

    Sir Trenchard Cox was an enchanting man. He died in 1995 leaving deep in the memory of those who knew him a quality of old world manners and warm wit. He was kind to everyone and encouraged all he met in their delight of beautiful things. It is perhaps this facet of his character that made him such a good Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) where, it is said, he made time each week to walk around the great halls of the museum talking to the wardens whose solitary task it is to guard the collection.  He was an “everyman”.

    Furthermore, his devotion to the principal that museums serve all people made him a leader in museum education. To this end some galleries were laid out with different types of objects put into a historical setting and thus into context. This aspect of his work as an educator has perhaps been of the greatest influence on me, as Director of AHA .  Sir Trenchard Cox was also a constant support to Patricia Fay in the early days when she founded NADFAS (now known as The Arts Society) and rejoiced in being President.

    My initial acquaintance with Sir Trenchard was forged through my mother, who was a cousin by marriage.  Indeed Maisie, Trenchard’s wife, who was herself a great expert on mosaics, is the namesake of our daughter Cosima Maisy Ross. Aged nineteen I was encouraged by my mother to meet Trenchard as I cast about looking for an enthusiasm in life that would turn into a career. He was good fun to meet, partly because he seemed to know everything, even modern stuff, but also because he would forget what drink I had asked for as he made his way to the drinks trolley.  Rather than ask again he would put a little of everything that was already open into a large glass. It was rocket fuel and any indolent shyness I might have had gave way to rich conversation.

    So, for many reasons, this is an important prize for those concerned, and we hope it will be for those who take part.  Intertwined with it are threads which start with a remarkable man who did so much to found The Arts Society and influence me at Art History Abroad.  The sense of self belief that winning this substantial prize has engendered in past winners would have touched Trenchard and his sense of Art being for all.

    Nicholas Ross

















  • The winners of the inaugural 2019 AHA Music Scholarship were Rachel Oyawale and Maanya Patel who both joined our Late Summer Course for 5 days in Florence and 3 evenings at the amazing New Generation Festival in the gardens of the Palazzo Corsini.  See our Instagram “Late Summer” story to see what they got up to.

    The 2020 AHA Music Scholarship

    Our Music Scholarship offers the winner the chance to join the Florence section of our Late Summer Course  in August. They will spend six days in Florence and three evenings at the marvellous New   Generation Festival which is a new event created to showcase brilliant young musicians.  An appeal to all five senses; this course embraces music, drawing, gastronomy, archaeology, ecology, poetry, opera, history and of course art!

    There are two companies involved in the scholarship: Art History Abroad and the New Generation Festival who generously fund the scholars’ attendance at the festival. They have also agreed to help adjudicate this year’s competition.

    Deadline & Eligibility

    Entries for the Scholarship must be received no later than 17.00 (GMT) on Mon 13 April 2020. Applicants must be at least 17 on the day of the deadline and under 19*.  Late entries will not be accepted. All applicants will be notified by email.


    We welcome performers from any musical background and any musical genre. To enter, applicants must supply a link to a video of themselves performing their piece live, even if it’s only recorded at home in a bedroom with a phone.  We recommend YouTube or Vimeo.

    Your recording must be no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes. Extracts of longer pieces are welcome and it may be your own or someone else’s composition.

    Applicants are also required to write a brief paragraph (200 words) telling us about themselves and why they would love to travel to Italy on one of our courses.

    The adjudicators will be appointed by Art History Abroad and their decision will be final.

    Fees & Spending Money

    The value of the Scholarship is Art History Abroad’s fee for the Florence section of the 2020 Late Summer Course (£1,240). This covers accommodation in Italy, an amazing programme of instruction, site visits, activities, all museum entry fees, all travel connected with teaching, expert tuition and course leadership.


    The successful applicant may wish to attend the rest of the Late Summer Course 2020, in which case the full fee would be discounted by the £1,240, the value of the scholarship. Otherwise the value of the Scholarship may NOT be transferred or cashed in. If the winner is unable to take up the place offered, the benefit of the Scholarship will be offered to a runner up.


    The fee, and therefore the scholarship, does NOT cover lunch, supper or spending money. Students are asked to meet these daily expenses of about £38 – £40 PER DAY. Travel insurance and flights are NOT included.

    The judging panel

    This year’s panel will be announced in the autumn of 2019.

    How to apply

    * indicates obligatory field

    What is the title of the piece you are performing?
    Is this your own composition?
    Please add a link to your video:
    Upload your 200 words in a Word document using your initials and birth month as the file name e.g. LMHSeptember. Your names should not appear anywhere in the file.
    View our Privacy Policy.

    You will get a "thank you" message once this form is successfully submitted and then a confirmation email. If you do not receive these, the application has not been processed, so please email us, info@arthistoryabroad.com, so we know you want to apply for the musical scholarships.

    N.B. ON NO ACCOUNT fill in our Course Application form unless you intend to come on a course whether or not you are the successful winner of the Scholarship.

    * Please bear in mind that this competition is aimed at those currently in their last year of school or on their gap year as the dates may clash with school terms.

    NGF photography © Guy Bell, GBPhotos.com

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