What is it that you remember most from your AHA Course? For so many students it isn’t about seeing the Sistine Ceiling, the Trevi Fountain or Botticelli’s Primavera for the first time. It’s the hidden gems they’d never heard of. AHA loves to look where no one else is looking. It’s about Steve showing us the doodles on the back of Michelangelo’s Slaves while everyone else crowds around David. It’s about Luke asking the bus driver to make a stop by a tiny dying city slowly crumbling into the valley – a hauntingly beautiful sight. It’s about the local restaurants – a different one every night – where we’re welcomed by warm staff and fed like family. AHA follows no set syllabus, history isn’t as fixed as we sometimes think it is. We need to continue to challenge it and question the truths we’re told. On AHA we want enquiring minds and those who are confidently curious about life. If you bring us that spirit we promise you’ll leave us with so much more.

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