• Trenchard Cox Scholarship 2021: This Year’s Winner Announced: Ella Crowder

    Recently, our judges conferred to decide the winner of the Art History Abroad Trenchard Cox Scholarship 2021. WELL DONE to all of the 96 entries ! We were hugely impressed by the wide range of styles adopted and artefacts chosen.

    Congratulations to our winner Ella Crowder from AC Davis High School, USA who has won a place on our 2-week Summer Course in Italy worth £4,300! Ella chose Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘Monk by the Sea’ as the work she loved and the Washington State Flag as the piece she loathed. The final decision was taken by judge Victoria Lambert, who is the Education Editor for the Telegraph Online awarding Ella first place. More congratulations go out to our runners-up Llewelyn Jones, Isobel Crosthwaite-Eyre and Kira Law for their exceptional essays. We hope to see many of those who entered on our courses this Summer as it was such a high standard and we’d be honoured to have you with us in Italy.


    Introducing Ella…

    ‘My name is Ella Crowder, and I am a senior in high school from Yakima, Washington. The past year has been a time of transition, finishing up at my local high school and community college, applying for university, and navigating the pandemic. With somewhat widespread interests and hobbies, I used to cringe every time I was faced with a “select a major” box.

    Fortunately, endless quarantine scrolling through various careers, colleges, and programs resulted in two things that make me excited: majoring in Cognitive Science and attending Art History Abroad. As the identical twin daughter of an identical twin father, what drives human behaviour and individuality has always interested me. I’m excited to further explore the intersection of psychology, art, and technology.

    Heading into this field, I am especially grateful to attend an Art History Abroad course.  Learning about the artists and thinkers of ancient Italy while developing an international perspective is truly an incredible opportunity. ‘

    Full List of Winners : Ella Crowder – AC Davis High School USA, Llewelyn Jones – The Courtauld Institute of Art (2nd), Isobel Crosthwaite-Eyre – St Mary’s Ascot (3rd) , Kira Law – St Swithun’s (4th)


    About the Scholarship: 

    The Scholarship, established in memory of Sir Trenchard Cox, awards the winner an Art History Abroad 2-week Summer Course (£4,300 in 2021) in Italy.  It is run in association with The Arts Society who kindly collect the entries and collate the marks. The Scholarship is open to all, and is particularly intended to encourage students who do not have a scholarly interest in art history. It will be awarded as a result of a competition, which invites an imaginative, though not necessarily art historical response.

    Entries for our 2021 Scholarship are now closed.

    In Short

    1. Register Your Interest
    2. Send in your entry before 17.00 (GMT) Friday, 12 February 2021.
    3. First Prize is a place on the 2 week Summer Course which can be put towards any longer programme. There are also runner up prizes.

    Who can Apply?

    Applicants must be at least 16 and no older than 18 years of age on 12 February 2021. Occasionally exceptions to this do apply, contact Art History Abroad for further details.

    Entries for the Scholarship must be received by The Arts Society no later than 17.00 (GMT) on 12 February 2021. Late entries will not be accepted.

    How do I Apply?

    Firstly, register your interest here via the button below to stay informed with all tips, updates and deadlines regarding our scholarship. Applicants must register their interest before submitting their application.

    The Competition 

    All you have to do is write two 400 word reasoned descriptions – one on a work of art (to include architecture, painting, drawing, decorative arts and design) you love, and one that you loathe. We aren’t looking for anything showy, just something that is filled with personality and authenticity. We urge you to have fun with it.

    The essays must be supported by no more than two photographs (one per essay) or drawings no larger than a sheet of A4 paper. The adjudicators will look for good and daring arguments to support the applicant’s assertions. The team of adjudicators, who are appointed jointly by The Arts Society and Art History Abroad, will assemble a short list of entrants to be decisively assessed by a distinguished figure in the world of art. The decision of the adjudicators and the final judge cannot be reviewed.

    Please Note: Entries for our 2021 Scholarship are now closed.

    Fees & Spending Money

    The value of the Scholarship is Art History Abroad’s fee for any 2-week Summer Course (£4,300 in 2021). This covers accommodation in Italy, all museum entry fees, travel and tuition upon the course in Italy.  No cash alternative is available. It may also be used against a longer course, see Transferability below.


    The fee and therefore the scholarship does NOT cover lunch, supper or spending money. Students are asked to meet these daily expenses of about £40 daily. Travel insurance and flights are NOT included.

    Option to transfer value

    If a successful scholar wishes to transfer the value of the 2-week Summer Course to one of the Art History Abroad courses specified below, he/she will need to pay the balance of the fees. Otherwise the value of the Scholarship may NOT be transferred or cashed in. If the winner is unable to take up the place offered the benefit of the Scholarship will be offered to the runner up.

    The winner in 2021 will be allowed to put the Scholarship award towards the following courses: Early Summer 6-week Course 2021, any 2 or 3-week Summer Courses 2021, Late Summer 3-week and Autumn 6-week Courses 2021 and Spring 6-week Course 2022.

    Who was Trenchard?

    Sir (George) Trenchard Cox. Lucinda Douglas-Menzies/National Portrait Gallery, London

    The Scholarship was established by Art History Abroad in 1998 in memory of past President of NADFAS (the former name of The Arts Society), Sir Trenchard Cox (1905 – 1995).

    Sir Trenchard Cox was an enchanting man. He died in 1995 leaving deep in the memory of those who knew him a quality of old world manners and warm wit. He was kind to everyone and encouraged all he met in their delight of beautiful things. It is perhaps this facet of his character that made him such a good Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) where, it is said, he made time each week to walk around the great halls of the museum talking to the wardens whose solitary task it is to guard the collection.  He was an “everyman”.

    Furthermore, his devotion to the principal that museums serve all people made him a leader in museum education. To this end some galleries were laid out with different types of objects put into a historical setting and thus into context. This aspect of his work as an educator has perhaps been of the greatest influence on me, as Director of AHA .  Sir Trenchard Cox was also a constant support to Patricia Fay in the early days when she founded NADFAS (now known as The Arts Society) and he rejoiced in being its first President.

    My initial acquaintance with Sir Trenchard was forged through my mother, who was a cousin by marriage.  Indeed Maisy, Trenchard’s wife, who was herself a great expert on mosaics, is the namesake of our daughter Cosima Maisy Ross. Aged nineteen I was encouraged by my mother to meet Trenchard, as I cast about looking for an enthusiasm in life that would turn into a career. He was good fun to meet, partly because he seemed to know everything about art but also because he would forget what drink I had asked for as he made his way to the drinks trolley.  Rather than ask again, he would put a little of everything that was already open into one large glass. It was rocket fuel and any shyness I might have had gave way to rich conversation.

    So, for many reasons, this is an important prize for those of us concerned and we hope it will be for those who take part.  Intertwined are threads which start with a remarkable man who did so much to found The Arts Society and influence me at Art History Abroad.  The sense of self belief that winning this substantial prize has engendered in past winners would have touched Trenchard and his sense of culture being for all.

    Nicholas Ross

  • AHA offers Bursary Awards and Grants for students who want to join an AHA Course.


    1. Merit Based Awards – enter written or created work for the chance to be awarded 5-10% off the total course. Email info@arthistoryabroad.com  to find out more. 
    2. Alumni Grants – return students, or relations of alumni are awarded 10% off courses. 
    3. School Trip Alumni – if you have attended a commissioned school trip with AHA you are entitled to 5% off course fees
    4. Early Bird discounts of 5% (Registration Form should be received 6 months in advance)
    5. Adult Client Grant – relations of our Adult Tailor Made or Dilettante programmes may have 7.5% off courses
    6. Word of Mouth – If you are coming with a friend, you will both receive 5% off your course
    7. Sibling Grants – If you have a sibling who has come on a course, you are offered 7.5% off yours
    8. Match funding for AHA sponsored awards such as Spoke and Articulation

    Unsure if you are eligible for one of the above grants? Email marie@arthistoryabroad.com 

    Apply for a Course

    Please note: The Awards, Grants and the Early-bird Subtractions described below can be added together to a maximum of 20% of the fees of an AHA Course. Awards and Grants are made at AHA’s discretion and are contingent on a student successfully completing the application and interview process.

    This is brief information and there are some terms and conditions so please do contact info@arthistoryabroad.com for full details.