AHA Live and Online Sexuality: Embodying the Spectrum – a resources page for further reading supplied by Joe Nickols and Frankie Dytor

Thank you for attending the Live and Online Lecture ‘Sexuality: Embodying the Spectrum’ with Joe Nickols and Frankie Dytor. You can find our resources page for further reading by clicking here.


Felix Gonzales Torres, ” Untitled-1991 -1″ (1991), photograph on billboard

Session 3: Health: Between Life and Death,  6pm Tuesday 30 June

Health inequality is prevalent across the world; with race, gender, sexuality, and disability having a huge impact on how one can receive healthcare and support. This session will look at art that exposes the health inequality, whether it is lack of support for addiction, or the issues affecting artists suffering from AIDS.  Life is often taken for granted, but whilst health inequality perpetuates death is often closer than one might think.