Conversations in Art: Race, Sexuality and Health

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Session 1: Race: Taking Control of Culture with Joe Nickols and Helen Oakden

Session 2: Sexuality: Embodying the Spectrum with Joe Nickols and Frankie Dytor

Session 3: Health: Between Life and Death with Joe Nickols and Holly Morrison 

We did not charge for this series of three lectures, instead we ask for those who would like to attend to consider donating to The Black Curriculum.

The aim of this series was to examine topics that are important to today’s society through art; looking at Race, Sexuality, and Health in three lectures hosted by Helen Oakden, Joe Nickols, Frankie Dytor and Holly Morrison that took place in June 2020. These topics are often not explored in traditional art history texts and courses as much as we would all hope and so this lecture series seeks to address this and expand the conversation in art to reflect the wider discourse. Our tutors offer new angles of inquiry, explore art beyond the European tradition and outside of the established canon, and discuss the contemporary issues that are becoming part of the new art history.