6-week gap year courses and the 10.5 – week Semester

For those aged 18 – 22, undergraduates and graduates

For the dates below, you will notice that we specify the period of isolation in the UK which is obligatory for those entering the UK from the USA who would then like to continue to mainland Europe/Italy.  At the time of writing (10/11/20) this is the case but a close observation of the ever changing regulations is advised.  Please save your place by entering the application process and laying down a deposit, which is returnable in the event of postponement as a result of Covid-19.  AHA will be sure to advise you of any changes to the regulations and we strongly advise that you buy flights which include flexibility. 

You will also notice that there is an extension of 2.5 weeks to the Spring course for those would like a course of a Semester length. This is also quoted with and without the isolation period.

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If you would like to pay in Euros or US Dollars, please ask on application.SCHOOL LEAVERSIf you have just left school, please note our Late Summer Course is timed to return before the beginning of the University term.

What is included in the fees?

  • Tuition in small groups
  • Train travel or private coach travel between cities
  • All accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Transfers in Italy
  • All transport in Italy when concerned with teaching
  • Instructional materials
  • All museum entrance fees
  • Notes and reading lists
  • Drawing tuition
  • 2 conversational Italian lessons
  • Extras included in the Semester Course:
    • The additional courses in Tuscany (language, cookery, literature, and film)
    • All travel and air travel between cities on the tour i.e. flights from Paris to Tuscany and travel from Tuscany throughout Italy on the Autumn course
    • Transport when concerned with teaching (by issuing Oyster cards, bus passes, or buying train tickets)

What is not included in the fees?

  • Flights to and from Italy*
  • Lunch and supper**
  • Travel Insurance, repatriation or cancellation insurance***

* We request that students book recommended flights out of and return to London, which we carefully select for each course, in order for the group to travel together and transfer from airport to hotel easily with their tutors.  Please contact the office for further information.**We recommend that students bring £35 – £38 per day to cover food, drinks and spending money.***Banner Insurance Group provides AHA with a Group Travel Insurance Policy that is open to all AHA participants. If you arrange your own, please ensure that your policy covers medical and repatriation expenses.For US citizens, in particular those who have not yet travelled abroad, the US Department of State offer a “Smart Traveller Enrolment Program”. STEP is a free service which allows US citizens and nationals travelling abroad to enrol their trip with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.AHA protects client monies paid in advance by placing them in a Clients Trust Account as recommended by the tour regulations of the 1992 Consumer Protection Act. Monies are held in this segregated account (and thus not part of the audit of Art History Abroad) until the completion of a course.

Payment Plans

These are interest free and meant to easily facilitate AHA course payments with the aim of having full and final fee in our account before the course departs.If you wish to take advantage of monthly payments for a course, please contact the office directly to arrange terms.By signing the registration form and returning it with a non-refundable or transferable deposit you are bound by the terms and conditions of the course. The terms and conditions require each attendee to have paid in full prior to the course date of departure. Any payment plans agreed are entirely at our discretion.
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Autumn Gap Year Course (With 2-week self isolation)6 April – 28 May 20218 weeks£15,860

Spring Gap Year Course8 March – 19 April 20216 weeks£10,925
Spring Gap Year Course (With 2-week self-isolation)21 February – 19 April 20218 weeks£15,085
Early Summer Gap Year Course21 April – 30 May 20216 weeks£11,700
Early Summer Gap Year Course (With 2-week self isolation)7 April – 30 May 20218 weeks£15,860
How We Live Together Course3 June- 21 June 20212.5 weeks£5,550
Late Summer Course20 August – 8 September 20213 weeks£5,400
Semester Course20 September – 10 December 202112 weeks£23,780
Autumn Gap Year Course1 November – Friday 10 December 20216 weeks£11,700