Expressionists: Kandinsky, Münter and The Blue Rider

By Richard Stemp

Tate Modern

Coffee · Lecture · Lunch · Exhibition

23rd May 2024

Experience colour, sound and light through the The Blue Rider – a group of Expressionist artists working in the early 20th century with a shared ambition to transform modern art. This exhibition demonstrates the breadth of media and approaches across The Blue Rider group: we will see examples off Wassily Kandinsky’s synaesthetic paintings, Franz Marc’s interest in colour, Alexander Sacharoff’s dance, and Gabriele Münter’s experimental photography. This landmark exhibition brings together over 130 works, through Tate’s collaboration with Lenbachhaus, Munich.

The lecture by Richard Stemp will prepare you for the exhibition so that you can make the most of your time in the gallery and gain the greatest insight into the works. Please join us for lunch afterwards in Tate Modern’s restaurant, Kitchen and Bar.

Order of Events

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Lecture for Artemisia Members at St Andrew’s Church, SE1 8LJ

12.30 Lunch at Tate Modern’s restaurant, Kitchen and Bar.

14.00 Exhibition at the Tate Modern – Expressionist


Coffee                                                                                                 Complimentary

Lecture                                                                                               £27.00 + (£2.96 booking fee)

Lecture and Lunch (2 courses, wine and coffee)              £72.00 + (£6.71 booking fee)


Please note you must purchase your own tickets to the exhibition from the Tate website. This allows you to choose the time you want to enter and to use any discounts or memberships you may have.

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