Live and Online Lecture Recordings to Buy

The majority of our past lecture recordings are now available to buy.  Please click on the lecture you wish to purchase and scroll to the bottom of the page for the purchase button.  There is also a ‘gift’ option should you wish to buy a recording for a friend.  Each recording costs £15.60 and the link lasts for one week.  If you would like to pay by bank transfer instead of directly online then please email me on [email protected] .

Please select from the following titles:

Seeing is Believing: Van Eyck and the Art of Illusion by Dr Richard Stemp

Art and Medicine by Nicholas Ross

Reflecting on the Art of Power: Diego Velazquez by Dr Richard Stemp

Reading the Changing British Landscape through Art by Alys Fowler

Black Art in Britain since 1980 by Helen Oakden

The Private Lives of Pictures by Nicholas Ross

Mondrian and Jazz by Tom Parsons

A Ride through Civilization: The Horse by Rupert Isaacson

How to Read a Medieval City: Florence by Nicholas Ross

A History of Opera from The Stage by Tristan Hambleton

Titian: Love, Desire and Death by Dr Richard Stemp

Artemisia by Lucy Chiswell

Love and Marriage by Nicholas Ross

Cubist Jokes by Tom Parsons

In Conversation with the Artists of Siena by Lavinia Harrington and Marco Caratelli

Money Makes the World Go Round by Cat Manson

Marina Abramovic by Helen Oakden

Purity, Temptation, Sin and Repentance:Four Women on the Path to Redemption by Dr Richard Stemp

Midwinter Greenery: Natural History, Folklore and Art by Alys Fowler

The Need for Speed by Rupert Isaacson

The Adoration of the Magi by Dr Richard Stemp

Revealing Ravenna by Dr Richard Stemp

Francis Bacon: Man and Beast by Isabella Boorman

Where is the Papacy with Contemporary Art by Nick Ross and Christopher Lamb

Morals and Messaging: Cultural Property Debate in Today’s Art World by Cat Manson

The Englishwoman and The Horse by Rupert Isaacson

Caring for Venice by Jane da Mosto

The Art within The Art: The Careful Compositions of Vermeer by Dr Richard Stemp

Leonardo and the Virgin of the Rocks by Katy Blatt

Pop Art or The History of Now by Andy MacKay

Painting in Parallel: Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn by Dr Richard Stemp

The Life and Art of Peggy Guggenheim by Isabella Boorman

Salvator Mundi: The Masterpiece, The Myth, The Millions by Cat Manson

Optics and Divine Light in Dante, Michelangelo and Raphael by Professor Martin Kemp

Canterbury Tales and the Arts of Pilgrimage by Dr Tom Nickson

In Conversation with the Artists, Printers and Readers of Venice by Lavinia Harrington and Sammy Jay

The Forbes Pigment Collection by Narayan Khandekar

The Nude Behind the Curtain: Hogarth adn the Uses – and Abuses – of Art by Dr Richard Stemp

Beyond Mere War: From Condottiere to Courtier – The Neapolitan Horse by Rupert Isaacson

Joseph Cornell: A World of Wonder by Isabella Boorman

Cedric Morris: A Life of Colour and Plants by Alys Fowler

The Making of Rodin by Dr Richard Stemp

The Horses of San Marco by Tom Parsons

Paula Rego by Helen Oakden

Durer and the Art of The Garden by Dr Richard Stemp