Caring for Venice

by Jane da Mosto
10th February 2021 6pm

Venice holds a very special place in the heart of AHA. For thirty years the majority of our student courses have started in Venice and these ten days spent exploring the city and lagoon remain as very fond memories with generations of alumni and tutors alike. With adult trips we have spent many blissful days discovering and supporting local artisans, trattorias far off the beaten track and hidden churches and gardens within the city of Venice.

In all of our travels in Venice, Italy and elsewhere in Europe we have always taken time to look properly, discuss fully ad have fun with culture. By definition, AHA is always a guest in another country, where we cherish the culture. It is because of this that we were drawn to Jane da Mosto’s work and charity and we are thrilled to welcome her as a speaker. Please join us in support.

10% of all ticket sales will go to ‘We Are Here Venice’ and should you wish to donate further please follow the link.

Caring for Venice

In November 2019 Venice hit the headlines with the worst flooding in the city for over 50 years. This impacted on the art and architecture of Venice and highlighted the fragility of peoples’ lives, homes and businesses. A huge question mark was placed on top of how to reconcile the precious ecosystem of the lagoon, the demands of the port and mass tourism (until the pandemic began). In 2020, the flood defence system started working on a trial basis but what does this mean in the face of the climate emergency, rising sea levels and more frequent extreme events? What will be the impact of climate change on artistic heritage in Venice and beyond? Does our fascination with Venice derive exclusively from its unique beauty and artistic heritage, or is it a microcosm of global challenges mirroring the world and carrying the fate of humanity?

Jane da Mosto (MA University of Oxford, MSc Imperial College London) is an environmental scientist and activist based in Venice, co-founder of the NGO We are here Venice. Operating across many different disciplines, WahV has a mission to change the future of the city, highlighting the need to protect the lagoon and rebuild a more resilient resident population.  Jane’s books include The Science of Saving Venice (Umberto Allemandi, 2004), The Venice Report (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and Acqua in Piazza (Linea d’acqua 2016). Contributions include “Making Time for Conversations of Resistance” in Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice (Spurbuch, M. Schalk et al, 2017), “Practicing Civic Ecology: Venice and the Lagoon” in Care and Repair (MIT Press, Angelika Fitz et al, 2019), “The Venice Paradox” in Aroop special edition on Failure (Raza Foundation, 2020).  Alongside WahV specific projects, Jane is active in the community and is President of Pan di Zenzero, a pedagogical project for early childhood. In 2017 she was honoured with the Osella d’Oro by the city of Venice.

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