Live and Online Lecture

In Conversation with the Artists of Siena

with a Live Demonstration

by Lavinia Harrington and Marco Caratelli

11th November 2020 6pm

Live and Online Lectures

After our successful Spring Series we have now launched an Autumn Series of Live and Online Lectures.  We have an eclectic range of subjects which we hope will inspire and entertain you as the evenings draw in.  We invite you to sign in 15 minutes early to hear our news and future plans.  So, please join us with an aperitivo for an hour before dinner.

In Conversation with the Artists of Siena

There are compelling connections to be explored between Siena, her art, and her artists in the 14th century. By looking closer at the evocative paintings by Duccio, Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti brothers, this talk celebrates these artworks as products of their own time and powerful agents of city identity and civic pride. We have the privilege of inviting Marco Caratelli to continue the conversation with Lavinia and focus on another intimate connection between the artist and their materials. Marco will transport us to his studio for a twenty-minute demonstration to show us how Sienese artists achieved breath-taking gold leaf effects that continue to stun viewers today. He will also explain how he works with egg tempera techniques, exactly as described in Cennino Cennini’s famous 14th century manual on painting. This is an exciting opportunity to revisit Siena’s masterpieces and see them brought to life.


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