Live and Online Lecture

The Private Live of Pictures

By Nicholas Ross

Wednesday 15th July at 6pm

We are running a series of live and online lectures and we do hope you will bring an aperitivo and join us for an hour before dinner. We have chosen subjects to stimulate new interests and conversation, ready for the imminent return to socializing. We invite you to join 15 minutes early to hear information on AHA’s plans for the future and there will be time for questions and answers at the end.

The Secret Lives of Pictures

There are just so many ways of looking a picture; who made it, who paid for it, what does it mean to those who look at it and what is it made of. Indeed, come to think of it, I struggle to think of anything in creation that has so many influencing factors as a picture. Granted, people are pretty complicated, but then again, we don’t last as long as many pictures.

Nick is going to consider the life of the picture itself, as a physical object; the secret life which continues in spite the din about what it means today, or who it depicts. What ‘supports’ a picture, what protects it, why might it not look as it originally did, how does that change the way we think of it, do we sanctify pictures? These are some of the themes Nick will explore.

Images to think about will include Michelangelo’s Ganymede, the American artist John Singleton Copley’s ‘Defence of the Floating Batteries at Gibraltar’ and a Cedric Morris. Some pictures will be homely, others will be famous, but all of them are just pictures.

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