Art and Medicine
Live and Online Lecture

by Nicholas Ross
6pm 10th June 2020

We are running a short series of live and online lectures in June and we do hope you will bring an aperitivo and join us for an hour before dinner.  We have chosen subjects to stimulate new interests and conversation, ready for the imminent return to socializing. We invite you to join 15 minutes early to hear information on AHA’s plans for the future and there will be time for questions and answers at the end.

Art and Medicine

It is pertinent to think about art and medicine now, though this has always been a revealing topic. One thought I enjoy is that it is observation, above all things, that link art and medicine. I relish teaching doctors and surgeons precisely because they notice things.

Art chronicles the development of medicine, as one might expect. It also depicts the human condition, both physical and mental, which is after all the principle interest of medicine.

Art also affects us, it is pleasurable and uplifting – but how does this actually happen in the brain? And lastly, can art help us? Can appreciation or creativity form part of our well-being? Many of us have found in these weeks that with time on our side art has brought equilibrium.

We shall see Rembrandt, Munch, Schiele and more, we will think of Galen, Vesalius and Freud to name but a few.

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