Cabbages, Carrots and Lamb – Spanish Still Life 1600 – 1812
By Dan Evans
24th February 2021 6pm

Robert Hughes wrote of Still Life painting; ‘Still Life is to eating what the nude is to sex’, although he did admit that Spanish Still Life painting is ‘more sacramental than gastronomic’. The lecture will cover a cabbage that has been painted with such astonishing accuracy that the painted version is more alluring than the vegetable itself. Goya’s painting of a pile of six silvery fish, is a political commentary on the disasters of war. These bream have been abandoned on a beach in the middle of the night, left to rot in the sand, evidence of reckless waste at a time of famine. Through this and other paintings by Velazquez, Zurburán, and Meléndez, we shall explore several stunning key themes that can all be discerned from arrangements of simple food stuffs; religious fervour and symbolism, the absence of presence and that importance generates waste.

Dan Evans is an educationalist with a passion for all things Italian. Dan is a Housemaster at Cheltenham College and was formerly Head of History of Art at Wycombe Abbey School. He has been lecturing since 2001 and spent nine wonderful years working as a senior tutor for Art History Abroad. A long time ago he was voted the British winner of the World Guide of the Year Awards.


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