Reggie, Summer Course

… we were seeing unique works.  Nowhere else could we see a Caravaggio alone … we went snorkelling on top of submerged Roman ruins; went on a boat trip to beautiful islands and had a fantastic meal every night… I would definitely recommend.”

Lavinia, tutor, explaining art history to students

L Edmanson

“The greatest form of education is that which makes you feel alive, teaches you things you never knew, and inspires you to change the world: it is the movement from darkness to light. This trip is that movement, and so, so, much more.“

The Doge's Palace in a Canaletto painting


“The tutors were all exceptional, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic making the course accessible but also fun when you got to relax with them in the evenings … It was amazing how much more you got to see by travelling Italy with AHA, a personal...

St Marks Square, Venice

Louis, Autumn Gap

“I know it sounds clichéd, but I saw Michelangelo’s David, I climbed Mount Vesuvius, I listened to an orchestra play Mozart in the Cattedrale di Siena, I heard monks sing evensong in the 11th century crypt of San Miniato … I saw rain fall...


“This was honestly the best three months I’ve had in a long time!!! I learned so much about art history, being a traveller around Europe, and about myself on this trip! … I feel like I am a better person and I would recommend...