For those who may not know, the triforium is the upper gallery of arches in the nave of a great gothic church. At Westminster Abbey, these galleries represent a huge space which is not at all evident from the ground. The Abbey would like to open this space for exhibitions, thus making one of the most thrilling aspects of the Abbey available for the public. It is wonderful to look down on the spot of the Coronation.

Last April, AHA was permitted to organise a private visit to the triforium for a corporate group and, thanks to the fees they paid, we were able to make a donation of £2000 to the Abbey Appeal for the renovation of this wonderful space. Even better, the Abbey was then able to match fund the donation, turning it into £4000.

It seems likely that this space in the triforium has been used by others before. There are carved stonework and paneling from previous centuries only visible from within the gallery itself, which suggest consistent use. For this writer, who has spent a lifetime in pursuit of the unusual and beautiful, the Triforium has to be in his top ten most exciting sites. We will keep you informed of new developments at the Abbey.

Once a year AHA is commissioned by and American/Anglo corporate group called Signal/Charles Taylor who joined AHA in making this donation to the Abbey to great effect and benefit.

AHA would like to organize more events at Westminster. It is wonderful, indeed oddly humbling to see this iconic building in such intimate circumstances. It is an old adage that one often omits what is under one’s own nose and, as visitors from around the world pay homage to our hallowed stones, we should not forget to do the same ourselves.

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