With our pioneering Semester Students well into their last week in the Tuscan hilltown of Montepulciano, one of our tutors Alice Lindsay has jotted down a few of the best things about being there…


1)   Il Sasso school of Italian and its wonderful teachers.


2)   Drawing al fresco in the hills below Montepulciano.


3)   The caprese salad at La Pentolaccia.


4)   The kindness and hospitality of the two host families.


5)   Olive picking under the Tuscan sun.


6)   The gardens of La Foce.


7)   The stray cats to be found in every little alleyway of Montepulciano.


8)   Gregorian chants at the beautiful abbey of Sant’Antimo.


9)   Learning how to make gnocchi at ‘Casa Lilian’.


10) Our wonderful bus driver Ilario, “Il Postalino della Val d’Orcia”.


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