We were so happy to receive such a nice letter from one of our summer students that we wanted to share it with you. Feedback like this makes all the hard work worthwhile ten-fold so thank you to James for his kind words.

Dear Nick,
I am afraid I failed to hand in part of my feedback form so thought I’d take the opportunity to write and thank you personally for organising such an unforgettable two weeks in Italy.

First and foremost I was struck by the levels of enthusiasm and dedication that the tutors (Helen, Andy, Tristan and Alex) displayed. They were able to inspire and enthuse myself and everybody else in the group with their knowledge and interpretation of the various forms of art that we encountered, and I was similarly impressed by their readiness to involve everybody in the group and ask for our observations. Our group numbering 21 must have also been something of a logistical nightmare (also being on the young side) and all the tutors showed remarkable levels of humour, fairness and patience, in dealing with what must have been some fairly trying situations.

I thought the balance between art and free time was just right, whilst the free evening in each city was an interesting change and allowed for a greater degree of independence (although I’m happy to say that our group showed no sign of any cliques and we all ate together on these occasions!!). Ultimately I am under no illusions as to how lucky I have been to go on your excellent course, which I believe is virtually flawless and I will certainly be recommending AHA to anybody who will listen!

Thanks again for coordinating such a fantastic course.

Best Wishes

James Monroe


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