We run a 6 week course across Italy (4 week option in late summer) where you have the opportunity to learn about Western civilisation through art, architecture & sculpture. We venture through Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Siena & Verona. If you’re 18 – 22 years old seeking to cultivate your mind, you might want to read on.

“As horribly cliché as it sounds, I truly made some friends and memories that will last me a lifetime.” Ahladini, 2017

St Mark's Square, Venice

St Mark’s Square, Venice

Not studied Art History before? Not to worry. Only a third of AHA students have studied art and architecture students. The other two thirds are either doing other humanities or are scientists (more specifically, usually future medical students). A cultured, educated mind is a mark of distinction in whatever career you pursue.

AHA students come from across the globe and are from every academic discipline. They join because they want to understand why art is important. AHA is the only organisation dedicated to studying the wonders of art at first hand in the company of brilliant, unstuffy tutors who bring art to life.

Why join…?

We want you to have a real, visceral experience of art. So, all of our teaching is on site in small tutorial groups, where we foster discussion and argument. On site study permits all sorts of practical insights such as scale, real colour, and in the case of architecture, actual space.

Lav teach for YOG

This is where an educated mind becomes a cultivated mind; it is a maturing process in terms of character and intellect. What better way to spend part of your gap year en route to higher study, extending your intellectual horizons to ensure you won’t simply “switch off” on your year out.

With view like this, how can six weeks in Italy not be fun?

There are no exams on this course (hooray!) because it was born out of an ideal of a gap year, for those of you who seek embellish your minds through travel, experience and broaden your horizons. However, don’t imagine this course is a breeze. We work hard, not least because everyone has travelled a long way and there is much to see and do.

Everyone on the course is over 18 and as such they travel as independent adults. We deal with the accommodation, travel, special museum bookings and provide excellent tuition onsite, in front of the artworks. We have a university style of teaching in tutorials of 9 or fewer students, discussing art in context to include music, philosophy, literature, poetry, politics, theology and aesthetics

AHA proves broad academic interests to universities and employers alike who look for sentient, interested, interesting students and employees.



Arguably, Italy has more significant art than any place on earth and so we study painting, architecture, sculpture, textiles, gardens, mosaics, drawings and decorative arts over periods which range from the Ancient World to the Modern and Contemporary.

Naples Sunrise
You will be in some of the most beautiful cities in the world which include the mystical Venice and her magical waters, Florence – Queen of the Renaissance, Rome and Naples – homes to both the Ancient and the Modern. We break up the course with day visits to smaller towns with hidden treasures such as Padua, Pisa, Vicenza, Arezzo and Bomarzo … the list goes on!

The programme is carefully designed to be both chronological and thematic in so you can get a firm grasp of large swathes of history. The great thing about History of Art is that it is an inter-disciplinary subject, meaning we can also get our teeth into such as Music, Political theory, Economics, Philosophy and Theology.

Whether or not you’ve had a background in History of Art or not, by the end of your AHA Gap Year course you’ll be familiar with architectural vocabulary, classical and biblical narratives and their myths & stories as well as basic datelines, the ever changing geography of Europe and general themes in politics, propaganda and patronage.


Sistine ceiling

The Extras

There’s also time to try out some of the other wonderful experiences Italy has to offer, which include, but arecertainly not limited to:

  • Drawing; there is always someone to help and encourage craftsmanship
  • Marbled paper making
  • Italian classes in manners and behaviour (2 sessions at the beginning of the course)
  • Mask making in Venice
  • Gondola rowing lessons
  • Visits to concerts and the Opera and the football
  • Occasional cooking classes

The AHA Gap Year course aims to make the most amazing use of your time. Quite simply, we want this to be the greatest experience and a true education. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to see why people love our courses.

To read more independent reviews on: gooverseas.com.

“If you have an interest in people, places, art, architecture, history, food, wine, travel, you will find this course fantastic.” Ben, 2017

Sounds like your thing? Head over to our course page for more information and details. Hope to see you in Italy soon!

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