Have you ever worried a robot is going to STEAL YOUR JOB? What are you doing to prevent this from happening?

In his global bestseller ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ Yuval Noah Harari writes about the crucial need for teaching reinvention rather than programming. He champions the ‘the four C’s’critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. With this important lesson, in the last few years, we too feel the need to change with the times, and give students what they need to equip them for this brave new world. ⁣

Reflective souls on AHA are always responding to their surroundings. The fresh produce market in Ortigia inspired a spontaneous and highly competitive round of Masterchef, sea-glass collected post-swim in the Mediterranean turned into a Pompeii-inspired mosaic. The Pantheon, missing its original deities, begged to be repopulated by AHA students dressed as the ancient Roman gods and goddesses, feasting and singing away a rainy evening in Rome. Misty valleys and crooked alleys have found their way into the lyrics and verses of budding songwriters and poets.⁣

The quietude of early Spring in Italy provides us with empty museums and galleries, busy craftsmen working on their stock for the summer crowds, local neighbourhood festivals inviting the rare visitor into their throng for street feasts and music and the freshest air to see across the rolling hills of central Italy. With the creative sessions we have timetabled and free time to explore and discover these sights there is no better time to produce a portfolio of art, booklet of poetry or prose, series of songs or just practice your meditation. Employing all 4 of Harari’s C’s in our daily practice, AHA students will come away refreshed and excited about learning. This is a far cry from the school-room.

Welcome to our Spring Course. Early bird discount applies until the end of October.

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